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2009 Conferences
When & Where Conference title & link PPND Coverage
January 24
(California, USA)
Applying the Science of Pos Psych to Improve Society PPND Preview.
AM: Foundations
PM I: Applications: schools, health, mentoring
PM II: Applications: business and large organizations

February 5-7
(Florida, USA)
2009 Institute on College Student Values, Finding the Good Life
February 23-24
Positive Psychology Coaching Training with Biswas-Diener
February 28 – March 2
(Washington, DC, USA)
Psychologically Healthy Workplace Conference Reports:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
April 1-3
(Warwick, UK)
CAPP Applied Positive Psychology Conference Preview, Highlights, 3 Keynotes,
May 9 (Sydney, AUS) Positive Psychology in Education Symposium Report
May 14-15
(Sydney, AUS)
Happiness and Its Causes Report
June 18-21 First World Congress on Positive Psychology (Philadelphia, USA) Preview,


2008 Conferences
When & Where Conference title & link PPND Coverage
April 16-17
Simply Happy Conference Summary
May 8-9
(Sydney, AUS)
Happiness and Its Causes Summary
July 1-4
4th European Conference on Positive Psychology (ECPP) Summary 1
Summary 2
Summary 3
July 24-27
(Toronto, Canada)
2008 Meaning Conference Summary
September 26-27
(Harvard, USA)
Coaching: A New Horizon – Theory, Emerging Evidence, & Practice Summary
October 9-10
(London UK)
Happiness and Its Causes, UK Review Summary
October 24-26 MAPP Summit
(Philadelphia, US)
November 5
(Oegsgeest, The Netherlands)
Meaning of Life Conference – 1st Dutch Positive Psychology symposium.
November 19
(Washington, DC, USA)
Positive Psychology Forum (Health Care) Preview
November 20-21
Happiness and Its Causes
November 24-25
(San Francisco, USA)
Happiness and Its Causes Preview


2007 Conferences
When & Where Conference title & link PPND Coverage
April 2
(Oxford, UK)
Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship Summary
(Warwick, UK)
1st Annual Applied Positive Psychology Conference Summary1
Summary 2
September 16-19
(Orlando, USA)
Symphony of Strengths: 2007 Appreciative Inquiry Conference Summary 1
Summary 2
October 4-5
(Washington, DC)
Gallup Well-being Forum Summary
Scott Sherman’s talk

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