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Preview of the 2nd McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School Coaching Conference

written by Timothy T.C. So 4 September 2009

Timothy So, Msc, es candidato al Doctorado de Psicología en el Departamento de Psiquiatría de la Universidad de Cambridge. Es Investigador Asociado del Cambridge University's Well-being Institute y Psicólogo Ocupacional. Timothy también es responsable de los sitios del PPND tanto en chino tradicional como en el simplificado. Biografía completa.

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Coaching is the process of change that mobilizes strengths to realize the potential of individuals as well as organizations.

To learn more about helping people change, develop, and meet personal and professional goals, while building self-efficacy, resilience, and the capacity for further development through positive psychology and coaching, people will enjoy the 2nd Annual Coaching Conference on September 25-26, 2009 – Coaching in Medicine & Leadership.

Jointly hosted by the Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital, the 2nd Annual Coaching Conference, is led by the new Institute of Coaching and serves physicians, health care providers, executive coaches, and coaches in health care by exploring the theory, research, and practice of coaching. The InstituteofCoaching.org website will be live September 15th. The 1st Annual Coaching Conference – “Coaching: A New Horizon—Theory, Emerging Evidence & Practice” sold out (see review of 2008 conference by Louis Alloro here). It brought together founding contributors in the field from all over the world, who introduced coaching psychology and its application in the domains of executive, life, and health/wellness coaching to nearly 500 physicians, psychologists, health professionals, and coaches. According to Philip Levendusky, a Director of Psychology from McLean, “There was an obvious void in the executive coach and healthcare communities with regards to science-based coaching and positive psychology.”

Carol Kauffman and Margaret Moore

Carol Kauffman and Margaret Moore

According to Carol Kauffman (a Director of the Institute of Coaching and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School) and Margaret Moore, (a Co-Director of the Institute and founder of Wellcoaches Corporation) who co-direct the conference, the 2009 conference has been expanded, bringing together more keynote speakers devoted to both coaching in leadership and healthcare industry.

We can find familiar names of leading scholars and figures in the field of positive psychology from the list of keynote speakers at the 2nd conference, and they include:

  • David Cooperrider, Ph.D. will deliver the opening keynote with a call for action on positive change based on his endeavour work in the field of Appreciative Inquiry.
  • World-renowned for her work in mindfulness, Ellen Langer, Ph.D., Harvard professor of psychology, will wrap up the Friday session which will be followed by a reception.
  • Ranked as one of the top two events of the 2008 conference, Benjamin and Rosamund Zander are returning with their coaching demonstration. The Saturday morning kickoff will feature a live coaching of a string quartet by internationally renowned conductor, teacher, and leadership speaker Benjamin Zander, while being coached by Rosamund Zander, his co-author of the Harvard Business School Press book, “The Art of Possibility.” Together they will display beautifully coaching in action using music and take us to places where words cannot do.
  • Another returning top event will be a three-hour workshop on an evidence-based coaching model, “The Immunity to Change,” to be led by Robert Kegan, Ph.D., Adult Developmental Psychologist, Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Educational Chair of the Institute for Management and Leadership in Education. The model coach clients toward lasting change and transformation that makes use of cognitive restructuring.
  • Diane Coutu, former Senior Editor of the Harvard Business Review, will interview Stanford Professor Rod Cramer, Ph.D. on issues of trust in leadership and coaching.
  • John Ratey, M.D. and Nancy Ratey, M.A. will present on lessons from neuroscience and ADD coaching on facilitating change.
  • Mark Rittenberg, Ed.D. will demonstrate the power of communication in coaching, drawing on lessons from the acting profession.

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, USA from September 25–26, 2009.

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