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written by Timothy T.C. So 1 January 2007

Timothy So

Timothy So

Timothy T.C. So is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and a PhD Candidate in Psychology at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge, awarded with full scholarship. He recently received the Research Excellence Award from the Ministry of Education of China, and has been selected as one of the ‘Cambridge Rising Stars’ from Cambridge. He earned his Msc degree in Work Psychology & Business with 1st distinction from Aston Business School, where he was the winner of the McDonald Prize of the Best Msc Research. He has also received training in London School of Economic and Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Apart from being an associate editor for Positive Psychology News Daily, Timothy applies his knowledge of Positive Psychology through his engagement as a research associate of Harvard University’s Institute of Coaching; founding and leading Global Chinese Positive Psychology Association; writing columns for Financial Times Chinese and Hong Kong Daily News; and co-chairing of the International Conference for the First Positive Psychology and Education of China. Timothy had work experience from Boston Consulting Group, SHL & Meyler Campbell in China, Hong Kong and London offices respectively.

Timothy is dedicated to create and transfer knowledge of the science of well-being and flourishing. His research interests are include Flourishing, Happiness, Positive Mental Health, Leadership, Business
Coaching, Resilience, Positive Organizational Behavior and Cross-cultural studies. His research on flourishing conducted in Cambridge, is regarded by Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, as the criteria of new vision for Positive Psychology and creating a flourishing world in the First World Congress of Positive Psychology.

Timothy’s articles are here and here (with Cuimei Zhang).

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