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written by Thomas Heffner 1 January 2007

Thomas Heffner

Thomas Heffner, MAPP 2012 is a leader in Design Thinking and works at the intersection of design, technology, and business. He uses human centered design to create transformative solutions for the complex and challenging problems facing our nation’s security.

His work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review and the UK’s New Scientist. He is a contributing author to several books, including Character Strengths Matter: How to Live a Full Life, and Infusing Innovation Into Organizations: A Systems Engineering Approach. In his articles for Positive Psychology News Daily, he helps people use the principles of design to live better lives.

He often takes up the role of public speaker, giving presentations on Design and Well-Being at conferences around the world. He organizes workshops for engineers, HR professionals, military servicemen, and US government civilian employees. He is a curious explorer of the world around him and draws much inspiration from meeting new people. Feel free to drop him a line @tom_heffner or visit his website.

Articles by Thomas appear here.

Thomas contributed to the chapter on creativity in Character Strengths Matter.

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