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Suzann Pileggi’s Bio

written by Suzann Pileggi 1 January 2007

Suzann Pileggi is a wellness writer, coach, and consultant. She is a monthly columnist for the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) newsletter, Positive Psychology News Daily, and happier.com. She has written for Natural Health magazine and also pens a monthly “Eating Well With Whole Foods” column for Wisdom magazine about the natural healing quality of food, with recipes and tips on how to prepare simple meals at home. For more information, see her website.

A certified holistic health counselor, Suzann works with people on nourishing their bodies and souls by helping them make better food and lifestyle choices. Her mission is to teach people how to choose healthier thoughts, along with healthier food for ultimate nourishment.

Suzann understands the demands of a busy work schedule and the importance of maintaining balance through healthy living and eating. Prior to pursuing her passion for wellness, she directed media relations campaigns for a range of Fortune 500 clients as a vice president at Weber Shandwick Worldwide. Earlier in her career, she worked as a television producer interviewing complementary mind/body health experts. In 2006, she conducted press interviews for Dr. Walter Willet, head of Nutrition at Harvard Medical School, surrounding the NYC Department of Health’s public hearings to ban trans fats in the city’s restaurants.

Suzann conducts Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Sabotaging Your Diet (TM) sugar seminars at celebrity fitness guru Radu’s Physical Culture gym in NYC and at various locations throughout the tri-state area. She likes to experiment in the kitchen by concocting up delicious and nutritious sweet treats – and, in 2007, she sold her first baked product, Sweet Cents ™ Sweet Potato Pie, in a retail health food store!

Suzann holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. An avid yoga practitioner and snowboarder, Suzann enjoys weekend respites in the mountains of Vermont and on the sunny beaches of Ocean City, NJ to refuel and help maintain her positive attitude.

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