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written by Sulynn 1 January 2007



Sulynn, MAPP ’06, is a positive change consultant and coach working with CEOs to energize their workforce for outstanding performance. She designs and implements programs that facilitate ‘Moving from Knowing to Doing’ in organizational change and development. Her core work values are integrity, commitment, sincerity and fun. 

An erstwhile economist-statistician and human resource management consultant with experience across a wide range of industries in various capacities, Sulynn is passionate about people and lifelong learning. She graduated with a bachelor degree in economics (finance & accounting, and organizational behavior) from Monash University, Australia, a B. Sc (psychology) from Upper Iowa University, and qualified as Chartered Company Secretary and Administrator (RMIT, Australia), before joining the UPENN pioneer class earning the Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree in 2006. 

Sulynn is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She provides consulting and coaching services, leading her own company, Human Capital Perspectives. Sulynn also conducts awareness programs, talks, workshops, and community service projects under the aegis of the Asian Center for Applied Positive Psychology (ACAPP) which she founded.

Sulynn contributed a chapter to the first Positive Psychology News book, Resilience: How to Navigate Life’s Curves. Her articles are here.

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