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Emotional Intelligence Masterclass (Sponsored)

written by Seph Fontane Pennock and Hugo Alberts 2 April 2019

Seph Fontane Pennock is a Netherlands-based positive psychology practitioner. He founded the Positive Psychology Program, which aims to facilitate integration of the scientific and practical sides of positive psychology. Full bio. Seph's solo articles are here. Articles with Lisa Sansom are here.

Dr. Hugo Alberts is co-founder of Positive Psychology Program, an online positive psychology resource centre. A professor of psychology at the University of Maastricht, Hugo completed his doctorate on the theme of self-control and has made mindfulness a major focus of his research, teaching, and coaching. Hugo's articles with Seph are here.

The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass© is a complete, 6-module emotional intelligence training template for helping professionals.

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Course Materials

All the materials you need to confidently apply emotional intelligence in a 2019-proof-way are at your disposal. This makes the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass a practitioner’s ultimate shortcut. The EQ training sessions are science-based, with all claims backed up by research and references.

These materials include


  • Live recordings of the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass
  • Practitioner handbook
  • Workbook including 17 exercises for your participants
  • Train-the-Trainer videos for each lesson (20 videos)
  • Community-section to interact with fellow practitioners
  • 20 PowerPoint presentations for teaching and workshops
  • Recommended books, articles, movies, videos and quotes
  • Lifetime updates, dedicated support

With your purchase, you will gain the rights to use all of these materials under your own brand.


Dr. Hugo Alberts, presenting

The masterclass instructor is Dr. Hugo Alberts, who has been exploring the scientific side of positive psychology for the past 10 years. He has 20+ academic publications on this topic, including emotions. As a practitioner, positive psychology is at the heart of his work with a diverse range of clients.

His aim is to give people both the psychological perspective and the hands-on tools that have proven to increase mental well-being through the practice of positive psychology.

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