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Positive Psychology Toolkit Updates (Sponsored)

written by Seph Fontane Pennock and Hugo Alberts 19 November 2015
Pos Psych Toolkit

Seph Fontane Pennock is a Netherlands-based positive psychology practitioner. He founded the Positive Psychology Program, which aims to facilitate integration of the scientific and practical sides of positive psychology. Full bio. Seph's solo articles are here. Articles with Lisa Sansom are here.

Dr. Hugo Alberts is co-founder of Positive Psychology Program, an online positive psychology resource centre. A professor of psychology at the University of Maastricht, Hugo completed his doctorate on the theme of self-control and has made mindfulness a major focus of his research, teaching, and coaching. Hugo's articles with Seph are here.

It is a pleasure to announce our first update of the Positive Psychology Practitioner’s Toolkit!

During the past months we have worked hard to extend both the content and the functionality of the toolkit. It is our goal to keep expanding the content of the toolkit, including providing sufficient background information on the tools.

For this reason, we have introduced the knowledge base. In this update, we started building this additional database in order to provide users with resources that can provide detailed background information on the tools and/or can help to increase the knowledge of users on certain topics.

Read on for a more detailed overview of all the changes in this update. We hope you enjoy!

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New Tools

In this theme update we focused on meditation and mindfulness. We included the following 7 new tools:

  • The Observer Meditation
  • Body Scan Meditation
  • Acceptance of Emotions Meditation
  • Sitting Meditation
  • Informal Mindfulness Practices
  • Meditation on the Soles of the Feet
  • Mindful Walking

New Website Features

  • Knowledge Base

    In this first update we introduce a new feature of the website; the knowledge base. The idea behind this feature is to offer a database with in depth information on core concepts within positive psychology. In this way, we hope to increase understanding of the knowledge that is often vital for effective and appropriate application of the practical tools.

    In this section, you will find information on a diverse range of topics within the field of positive psychology, including definitions, video’s, web resources and more. This section is ideal for gaining more in depth understanding of topics as well as for developing workshops, courses, or other educational purposes. In this first update we focus on mindfulness.

  • Audio:

    Tools that are typically delivered in a verbal way, like meditations, will now include audio files. These files have been recorded in a professional studio. Play audio files directly from the “audio tab” in tools or download them as mp3.

  • Extended bookmark options

    We have updated the bookmark function. It is now possible to save one resource under multiple collections.

  • Homepage update

    In order to facilitate quick browsing, we have included the central features of our website as quick links on top of the home page.

  • Knowledge Base Updates
    • The American Mindfulness Research Association
    • Overview of Mindfulness Assessment Tools
    • John Kabat Zinn – What is Mindfulness?
    • Sara Lazar: How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains
    • Evidence Map of Mindfulness
    • A definition of Mindfulness

Enjoy the new tools and resources! If there’s anything we can help you with, please be in touch. We’re here for you and always happy to help.

Warmest regards,

Hugo Alberts and Seph Fontane Pennock


For the Loving Kindness Meditation:

Shonin, E., Van Gordon W., Compare, A., Zangeneh, M., & Griffiths, M. D. (2014). Buddhist-derived loving-kindness and compassion meditation for the treatment of psychopathology: A systematic review. Mindfulness. DOI: 10.1007/s12671-014-0368-1. Abstract.

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JA Swanick 25 March 2021 - 9:11 am

Can you guide me to your website that offers a lay person to test to find that persons values under their strengths? A Community College Professor introduced your books and assigned homework to take a web inventory at no cost so that I as a student can sample how your positive psychology is applied by a lay person. Your assistance is requested.


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