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Announcement: Webinar on Feedback and Change with Pete Berridge and Jen Ostrich – Wednesday, May 9 at 2pm ET

written by Senia Maymin 26 April 2018

Senia Maymin, MBA, MAPP, PhD, is the coauthor of Profit from the Positive. Maymin is an executive coach to entrepreneurs and CEOs. Maymin runs a coaches network and is the founder and editor in chief of PositivePsychologyNews.com. Her PhD is in organizational behavior from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Full bio.

Senia's solo articles are here, her articles with Margaret Greenberg here, and with Kathryn Britton here.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  On May 9, we will have a Positive Psychology News webinar featuring Pete Berridge and Jen Ostrich, co-inventors of Shift Positive 360®, a method for creating sustainable positive change by changing the way people give and receive feedback.

 Jen Ostrich, Co-Founder of Change Positive llc, PCC

After 14 years of leading teams and clients in the advertising industry, Jen decided to follow one of her own core beliefs of “leap and the net will appear” when she sprung into a new career of leadership coaching.  To complement her BA in Communications from Penn State, Jen is certified in leadership and transition coaching by the prestigious Hudson Institute, considered to be “the Harvard of Coaching.” Since then she’s become a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) after completing nearly 1,000 hours of coaching.

Jen is the founder of ostrich coaching + consulting where she works primarily with leaders in creative communities such as advertising, marketing, and technology.  Jen helps leaders craft their own leadership brands and then live in ways that are authentic to who they truly are. Through positive psychology, emotional intelligence, the work of Brené Brown and other experiences across business and marketing, Jen brings a unique combination of being able to think like a coach, a leader, a brand, and a business person.

As the co-founder of Change Positive, llc and co-inventor of the Shift Positive 360® method, Jen is thrilled to be a change agent for giving feedback in an energizing and effective way while helping others to create sustainable positive change. When she’s not running her two businesses, Jen enjoys eating her way through Austin with her outrageously handsome dog, Koko.

Pete Berridge, Co-Founder of Change Positive llc, PCC, MAPP

Peter Berridge is an accomplished coach and facilitator who uses the sciences of positive psychology and executive coaching to help individuals, teams, and organizations be more engaged, effective, and productive. Pete became a certified executive coach through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and is one of 450 people in the world with a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Positive psychology is the study of human strengths and well-being, and it employs proven methods to promote the flourishing of people, organizations, and communities. It is with this training that the Shift Positive 360® was born. Pete was determined to bring the benefits of positive psychology into the feedback process, which led to him partnering with Jen Ostrich to create Change Positive, llc.

Pete is also the founder and president of Shorebird Coaching and Consulting. He has 25+ years of coaching (more than 3,500 hours of individual coaching), facilitation, and human resources experience, culminating as executive VP of Human Resources at Courage Center, a nationally respected healthcare agency serving over 20,000 people with disabilities annually. Pete’s passion is coaching senior executives, rising leaders, teams, and organizations that are navigating challenges and charting new directions.

When he’s not exercising his passions across his two businesses he’s either whittling a bird or chilling on a Minnesota lake in his boat with his two favorite pups and incredible wife, Jenny.


WHEN: May 9 at 2PM ET
WHERE: Zoom webinar
CONTENT: Pete Berridge and Jen Ostrich discuss Why Positive Psychology Belongs in Feedback: the Shift Positive 360® Approach

This is a LIVE webinar. You will not have a chance to capture this in any way other than live. This webinar may be recorded, but for internal purposes only. If you want to be there, sign up to get it live.


What questions do you have for Pete and Jen?  Leave them for us in comments below so we can ask them on the webinar!

For questions, please email admin@positivepsychologynews.com.

Q: How much does this webinar cost?
A: It is completely free!

Q: What will the format be?
A: One hour:

  • 40 minutes of PPN Q-and-A with Pete and Jen on Why Positive Psychology Belongs in Feedback: the Shift Positive 360® Approach
  • 20 minutes of your Q-and-A for Pete and Jen

This will be a highly interactive webinar. Be at your keyboard and ready to type in questions and comments and answers to Pete and Jen’s questions!

Topic: Why Positive Psychology Belongs in Feedback: the Shift Positive 360® Approach
Guests: Pete Berridge and Jen Ostrich

When:  9 May 2018 @ 2:00pm ET
Where: Online – view the webinar anywhere!
Price for the webinar – FREE


Click here for more information.

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