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written by Sean Doyle 1 January 2007

In his speaking and writing, Sean Doyle, JD, MAPP ’07, explores the poetry and science of well-being. Whether in the work place, parenting, community, home, or hardship, Sean’s invites us to inject a little more hope, affection, and meaning into the world. It is about recovering a reverence for being and creating a culture of kindness. Ultimately, Sean helps us love life a little bit more.

A lawyer for over twenty years, Sean has resolved roughly 10,000 disputes. Through that process, one learns some things about people. You see how they respond under stress or when things are falling apart around them. You see the surprising things people do when they think they are getting what they want and how easily they get distracted from what is in their best interest. Conflict and hardship happen. People can be horribly cruel or cold to one another other. Yet every day, people reach genuine agreement, even over fundamental differences in value. Sean has seen this occur 10,000 times. Regular people quietly overcome challenges and hardships and accomplish extraordinary things. Just beneath notice, friends, lovers, and strangers constantly extend gestures of kindness to one another, sometimes in unexpected moments, in both large and small acts.

Over the years Sean has been fortunate to be able to help asylum applicants fleeing torture, to represent battered women and children, to argue for stronger child protection laws, to advocate for the homeless, to defend individuals’ privacy interests, to fill libraries in rural Costa Rica, and to paint orphanage fences in Guatemala. He is currently a stakeholder in a human rights law firm so that some of the most vulnerable among us receive the care and respect everyone deserves.

An adventure athlete and father of three, Sean works with groups and individuals around living fully and squeezing more joy and meaning out of life. In addition to law, Sean did his graduate training in applied positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

You can reach Sean via email. Watch for his upcoming book and read more at his website.

Sean contributed a chapter to the each of the Positive Psychology News books, Resilience: How to Navigate Life’s Curves, Gratitude: How to Appreciate Life’s Gifts, and Character Strengths Matter: How to Life a Full Life.

Watch Sean’s TED-x talk, A Beautiful Game.

Sean’s articles are here.

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Rick Herranz 31 December 2009 - 3:54 pm

Hello SEAN

I am wondering do your MENTOR or SPONSOR other men who want to IMPROVE THEIR LIFE but dont know how?

Desperate Rick


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