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written by Peter Minich 1 January 2007

Peter Minich

Peter Minich

Peter Minich, MD, Ph.D., MAPP, is a surgeon, author, educator, and physician coach.

In addition to his medical training, he was awarded a doctorate with distinction in organizational leadership from Vanderbilt University. He also was a member of the inaugural Masters of Positive Psychology class at the University of Pennsylvania.

Peter has published two books about leadership and positive psychology in the medical world:

In addition to his surgical practice he lectures extensively on leadership and positive psychology. He is currently working on his second book which provides a positive practical approach to influencing organizations. His life’s mission is to improve the quality of care delivered in hospitals. Visit his Web site.

Peter’s PPND articles are here.

Rethinking Power<br/>Peter Minich

Rethinking Power
Peter Minich

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