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written by Nicholas Hall 1 January 2007

Nicholas HallNicholas Hall, MAPP ’06, is the manager of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Behavioral Lab. He consults on worker satisfaction and engagement, and sits on the advisory board of Omnirisk Management Tools. His research work focuses on work satisfaction, character strengths, and positive psychology, and is published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Formerly, Nick was the founder and Principal of Greenwich Academic Coaching, a private academic coaching and tutoring company. He has taught at the collegiate level and teaches courses in well-being and positive psychology in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester county, NY, including an exclusive two-week summer program for teens on the principles of success.  He has been featured in newspapers throughout CT and NY as an academic coach, and he teaches courses on “The Science of Happiness” (www.happiness-class.com) to adults and to teens. 

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