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Kirsten Cronlund’s Bio

written by Kirsten Cronlund 1 January 2007

Kirsten Cronlund

Kirsten Cronlund

Kirsten Cronlund, MAPP ’08, is the Director of the Bryn Athyn Church School. She is passionate about marrying positive psychology and positive organizational design in the promotion of Positive Education. She completed the Masters in Positive Organizational Design program at Case Western Reserve University, and she has thrilling visions about what she will accomplish with what she learned in the program.

Kirsten is also the founder of Lemonade From Lemons: Divorce Coaching, Workshops, and Seminars. She is committed to helping others navigate the rough waters of divorce with resiliency, drawing upon personal experience and the science of positive psychology.

Kirsten contributed a chapter to the each of the Positive Psychology News books, Resilience: How to Navigate Life’s Curves and Gratitude: How to Appreciate Life’s Gifts, and Character Strengths Matter.

Kirsten’s articles for PositivePsychologyNews.com are here.

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