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Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: Short Time before Toolkit Price Goes Up (Sponsored)

written by Kathryn Britton 1 November 2017

Kathryn Britton, MAPP '06, is a former software engineer and executive coach. She is now a writing coach and editor with a focus on helping people write books, blogs, and articles that contribute to the greater good (Theano Coaching LLC). She has been facilitating writing workshops since 2013. Her own books include Sit Write Share on how to get writing done well, Smarts and Stamina on using positive psychology principles to build strong health habits and Character Strengths Matter: How to Live a Full Life. Full bio. Kathryn's articles are here.

There are so many creative people out there finding ways to apply positive psychology in so many different settings, from childhood to old age, from home to school to work to retirement. So how do you stand on the shoulders of these giants in our field?

One way is to sign up for the Positive Psychology Toolkit©, a growing collection of resources from around the world. There are already more than 170 tools available, and the number keeps climbing. The providers can legitimately call it a treasure chest.

If you acquire the toolkit, you acquire the right to use any of the tools. In my mind, that’s one of the top attractions: No more need to send humble requests to reuse other people’s work. Seph Fontaine Pennock, Hugo Alberts, and their team have already done that for you.

Time to Act

If you sign up before November 8th, you will receive the following bonuses complimentary with your subscription to the toolkit as a welcoming present:

  • 2 Positive Psychology Coaching manuals (not available anywhere else)
  • 64 Positive Action Cards (a physical product shipped free of charge)

Through November 7, you can now get your hands on all of this for just $24/month ($288/year).

On November 8, the bonuses expire, and the price will permanently jump up to $30/month ($360/year).

Click on Positive Psychology Toolkit© to join.

What the Co-founders Say about the Toolkit:

I borrowed these words from the announcement sent out by Seph Fontaine Pennock about the toolkit imminent price change:

Your practice relies on your ability to effectively help other people. Whether you do that in the form of teaching, coaching or therapy, you know you need high-quality training methods in order to help.

This is why we developed the Positive Psychology Toolkit©.

Since we launched the Positive Psychology Toolkit© in August of 2015 over 2.500 helping professionals have implemented positive psychology into their practice by using the following structured and science-based resources:

  • 97+ Positive Psychology Exercises (text, PDF)
  • 24+ Positive Psychology Assessments (text, PDF)
  • 11+ Positive Psychology Meditations (text, PDF + audio, MP3)
  • 7+ Positive Psychology Metaphors (text, PDF)
  • 11+ Positive Psychology Overview Resources (text, PDF)
  • 20+ Positive Psychology Interventions (text, PDF)
  • 48+ Definitions of Positive Psychology Terms (aka the ‘Knowledge Base’)

Act now to lock in the current rate on the Positive Psychology Toolkit©.

But even if you miss this deadline, it remains a good deal.



More Information About the Toolkit

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