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Creating a psychologically healthy workplace (Conference Announcement)

written by Kathryn Britton 29 June 2010

Kathryn Britton, MAPP '06, is a former software engineer and executive coach. She is now a writing coach and editor with a focus on helping people write books, blogs, and articles that contribute to the greater good (Theano Coaching LLC). She has been facilitating writing workshops since 2013. Her own books include Sit Write Share on how to get writing done well, Smarts and Stamina on using positive psychology principles to build strong health habits and Character Strengths Matter: How to Live a Full Life. Full bio. Kathryn's articles are here.

It is time again for the biennial Meaning Conference. Ryan Niemiec wrote a summary of the last conference, held in Toronto in 2008. Can it be that two years have gone by! This year the conference will be held in Vancouver British Columbia on August 5-8. The early registration fee is still available until July 15. Register here or click on the logo to the right.


This will be the sixth time the conference has been held. Each time has had a specific theme. The theme this year is “Creating a psychologically healthy workplace: Meaning, spirituality and engagement.” Here are words from the conference announcement:

Work is more than a means of making a living or creating wealth. It can also be a higher calling that ennobles the soul, endows life with meaning, and enhances humanity.

Much can be done to humanize the workplace, to which we devote most of our adult life. Much needs to be done to discover the transcendental and transformative dimensions of honest work.

Speakers will include many positive psychology contributors whose names appear frequently PPND, including

  • Robert Biswas-Diener
  • Todd Kashdan, from George Mason University
  • Diana Whitney, a founder of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Kathryn Britton (I am going to discuss a shared and valued purpose at work.)
  • Alex Linley from the Centre of Applied Positive Psychology.
  • Ryan Niemiec from the VIA Institute

There will also be people from existential psychology and other contexts. Check out the conference site for the growing list of speakers. Some specific examples include:

  • Alexander Batthyany from the Viktor Frankl Institute, Vienna
  • Merv Gilbert, of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Collaborative in British Columbia
  • Salvatore R. Maddi from the University of California (Irvine) and The Hardiness Institute
  • Michael Novak, author of Business as a Calling: Work and the Examined Life

The announcement describes the conference as ideal for all those concerned with positive organizational development. Continuing education credits will be available through the Milton Erickson Foundation.

In the words of Dr. Paul Wong, conference chairman,

“This is one of the few international conferences where some of the best minds in positive psychology and existential psychology meet face to face in the same room. We expect to see creative sparks flying as we share research findings and theoretical ideas, and as we debate what makes for a positive workplace and how to live the good life.”

Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC

If you happen to live close by and can’t make the whole conference, there are two events open to the public: the Saturday evening awards dinner, where Dr Alexander Batthyany will present the Dr Viktor Frankl Lecture and the Sunday afternoon public lecture by Dr Michael Novak.


I am looking forward to becoming a Meaning Partner. Come join us in Vancouver – it is usually beautiful there in August.


Convention Center, Vancouver BC courtesy of mybulldog

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Francesca 30 June 2010 - 7:30 am


I am very interested indeed in this conference but unfortunately live in London, England and won’t be able to go. Will the proceedings become available?

Thank you very much for publicising it.

Kathryn Britton 30 June 2010 - 8:57 am

I will be writing summaries similar to the ones that Bridget has just posted for the European Conference on Positive Psychology in Denmark. I’ll forward your question about proceedings to the conference chair, Dr. Paul Wong.


Paul T. P. Wong 30 June 2010 - 9:16 am

Yes, we will publish proceedings. You may order the previous conference proceedings “The Positive Psychology of Meaning and Spirituality” form me.

Paul Wong

Indo US Summit 1 July 2010 - 1:48 am

In celebration of its Golden Jubilee, the Indo-American Society (IAS) is proud to convene the first ever Indo-American Summit on Higher Education during 30, 31 July 2010 and 1 August 2010 at the Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

The Summit will present participants with an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with key business, political and academic personalities at a national and international level and address important issues, particularly in regard to policy framing and regulations and international partnerships.

Dr. Shobhana Abhyankar 5 July 2010 - 2:28 am

I would like to send a paper for presentation at the conference, but won’t be able to attend it. Can I just mail my paper, and if it is accepted, will it published in the proceedings? How to get a copy of the proceedings of this conference? What is the procedure for that? Kindly reply.

Thanks and regards!

Paul T. P. Wong 5 July 2010 - 12:16 pm

You need to register for the conference in order to present and be included in the Conference proceedings, but you can submit a paper to our journal — The International Journal of Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy, which is home for existentially oriented positive psychology and positive psychotherapy.


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