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New Articles in Online Magazine on Positive Psychology Applications

written by Karen Deppa 10 March 2021

Karen Deppa, MAPP '15, is an associate editor of the MAPP Magazine and principal of PilotLight Resilience Resources. She is also the lead author of the 2016 SpringerBriefs in Fire e-book, Resilience Training for Firefighters: An Approach to Prevent Behavioral Health Problems and developer of the class Respond with Resilience™ Psychological Wellness for Emergency Services First Responders. LinkedIn Profile. Karen's articles for Positive Psychology News are here.

The latest edition of the MAPP Magazine was published this week. The mission of the MAPP Magazine is first to keep Penn MAPP alumni connected and second to share the wide range of our applications of positive psychology with a broader audience to inspire collaboration and growth in the field.  

The latest articles include:

Courtesy of Jeremy Bishop via Unsplash

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: After spending a year at the helm of MAPP Magazine, outgoing editor Carolyn Biondi (C’19) examines the mission of an alumni publication dedicated to well-being. She asks: “What responsibility do we have to one another as individuals and as communities?” Across 32 articles from 26 alumni authors addressing issues such as pandemic fatigue and racial justice, she strove to lift up the voices of MAPP alumni to promote well-being in the world. 

A ROADMAP FOR RESILIENT CAREGIVING: When Karen Warner Schueler’s (MAPP ’13) late husband, Joel, was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, her life very suddenly became organized around providing care and making lasting memories. “We hoped for completing projects, having good days, and watching as many sunsets as possible.” In this article by Kathi Norman (MAPP ’17), Karen shares how this experience led her to write her new book, The Sudden Caregiver, to help others plan for the unplannable.

Courtesy of Laura DelPrato

LOST AND FOUND: RECONNECTING WITH YOUR STRENGTHS: One of the most rewarding aspects of MAPP is learning to express and celebrate our character strengths.  Whether you know a lot or a little about character strengths, Laura DelPrato’s (MAPP ’18) recent experiences may lead to new insights. “What I learned helped me become a better person. This space to focus on learning and growth was incredibly energizing.”

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