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written by Jeremy Clyman 1 January 2007

Jeremy Clyman

Jeremy Clyman M.A., is pursuing his doctorate in clinical psychology at Yeshiva University in NY. In 2007, he graduated from Northeastern University with a Master’s in journalism. He has engaged in academic, clinical and pop cultural publications related to psychology and entertainment. He writes a blog entitled Reel Therapy for Psychology Today Magazine and is a member of the APA Media Watch Committee.

Jeremy has incorporated tools of positive psychology into his clinical work with individuals, couples and groups. Clinical integration of positive psychology ideas into his treatment plans with patients range from use singular interventions like gratitude letters to more elaborate theoretical models like the Broaden-and-Build theory of positive emotions to core psychological skills like the practice of mindfulness.

He also contributes to the expanding empirical literature of positive psychology through his work on research articles generated by the VIA Institute on Character, and through his dissertation entitled, “The Relationship Between Objectively-Coded Explanatory Style and Mental Health in the Stigma-Related Narratives of Young Gay Men.”

Jeremy’s articles are here.

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