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written by Gloria Park 1 January 2007

Gloria Park Perin

Gloria Park Perin

Gloria Park Perin, MAPP, is a doctoral student in Exercise and Sport Psychology at Temple University. Currently, she works as a Program Coordinator at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and is an Assistant Instructor for the Master of Applied Positive Psychology Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Gloria was a competitive figure skater for over 14 years, and remains active in the sport as a coach. She received her BA in Psychology and Philosophy from Villanova University, and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from UPenn. Contact Gloria: parkg7 -at- gmail.com

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B.Rizzi 12 October 2007 - 1:59 pm

Excellent article, thanks. I am on a quest to understand how to find flow and use it in my golf game. It is a magical state of mind/soul.


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