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written by Geoff Fallon 1 January 2007

Geoff Fallon

Geoff Fallon

Geoffrey Fallon, J.D., has an LL.M. in corporation law from New York University and an LL.M. in tax law from the University of Houston. During a 35 year career Geoff experienced a wide swath of the modern workplace including the Marine Corps, US Dept. of Justice, three large publicly held corporations, a large law firm as a partner, and Wall Street for a two-year stint. He is a recognized expert on Directors and Officers liability and insurance, having published 25 articles in that area and often serves as an expert witness. He worked for growing companies with robust profitability as well as companies on hard times where cutbacks and layoffs were the order of the day.

With his background as a philosophy major he was keenly attuned to the generally low level of happiness among his colleagues, clients, and others with whom he interacted. He constantly wondered why it had to be that way. Upon retiring a few years ago he had the satisfaction of having built a reasonably comfortable retirement, but the 35 years of work were not otherwise particularly satisfying. Of course he knew that meaningful work would have produced more happiness, but he had practical obligations that forced him to stay in unsatisfying jobs.

Geoff’s book will address the space where “following your dream” is unrealistic. Through a combination of lessons learned from his intensive study of positive psychology and his real world experience, Geoff aims to help others in similar situations to become happier in their current jobs.

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