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Genevieve Douglass’s Bio

written by Genevieve Douglass 1 January 2007

Genevieve Douglass

Genevieve Douglass, MAPP ’10, is a positive psychology coach living in New York City. She considers her work to be helping individuals find their authentic selves. Read more on her web site.

In the past she has consulted on organizational behavior topics including motivation, goal-setting, information sharing, and well-being. She has also worked on research at Columbia and Fordham Universities, studying how people find and develop callings, experience stress in negotiation, and regulate their attention and emotions.

Genevieve studied music all her life, eventually gaining a Master of Arts from New York University in film music composition. After starting a small music company in LA, she became interested in how people experience their work. This line of inquiry led her to apply for a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she completed her thesis on the topic of enhancing vitality at work.

She loves dogs, Mexican food, and the beach.

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