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Elizabeth Elizardi’s Bio

written by Elizabeth Elizardi 1 January 2007

Elizabeth Elizardi

Elizabeth Elizardi, MAPP ’10, is the mother of two strong-willed girls, ages seven and four and wife of eleven years to a native New Orleanian. One of her top strengths is curiosity and love of learning, leading her to start her a coaching and consulting practice, StrengthsHub. Building on her experience as an educator, national speaker, online contributor to Psychology Today, and writer for Positive Psychology News Daily, Elizabeth hopes to build a flourishing network of parents internationally who examine and prioritize well-being while raising children.

Elizabeth coaches parents and educators on mindfulness, positive emotions, activating strengths, designing family systems based on core values, and accomplishing meaningful goals. Elizabeth graduated from the MAPP program in 2010.

When she is not on her Strengths Soapbox, Elizabeth enjoys running and pretending that she is on Broadway (thank you Wii). Join Elizabeth’s online parenting community at Strengths Hub.

Elizabeth contributed a chapter to the Positive Psychology News book, Character Strengths Matter.

Elizabeth’s articles for PositivePsychologyNews.com are here.

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