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written by Elaine O'Brien 1 January 2007

Elaine O’Brien

Elaine O’Brien, Ph.D, MAPP ’08, CAPP is a speaker, author, trainer, consultant, and thought leader in Positive Psychology, Fitness Science/Leadership, and the art of vitality in well-being. Elaine designs positive interventions, optimal performance strategies, and programs promoting positive education, well-being therapies, and proactive positive health/fitness.

In his book Flourish, Dr. Martin Seligman acknowledges Elaine’s contributions to Positive Health, including her early work on the Robert Wood Johnson Positive Health initiative.

A recognized expert in Dance/Fitness training, leadership, standards, and practices, Elaine has coached people from age 8 to age 101, as well as aerobic athletes in the National Aerobics Championship, at universities, businesses, and communities.

Elaine co-created Body Full of Joy, a Penn MAPP Alumni Initiative. Elaine has presented internationally, and is an expert speaker on lifestyle medicine, positive fitness, movement science, and flourishing.

For more about Elaine, see her LinkedIn profile and her website.

Her articles for Positive Psychology News can be found here.



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