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written by Elaine O'Brien January 1, 2007

Elaine O’Brien

Elaine O’Brien, Ph.D, MAPP ’08, CAPP is a pioneer in the fields of positive psychology, health/fitness, positive aging, and well-being. Elaine is a passionate thought leader, researcher, strategist, and educator around Body, Brain, and Movement Science.

Elaine is one of the first hundred people in the world to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania Master of Applied Positive Psychology program studying under Dr. Martin Seligman. She completed her PhD in The Psychology of Human Movement under Michael Sachs, from Temple University College of Public Health, WellBeing and Social Justice. She also attended University of Oslo Social Science Summer School under Dr. Antonella Delle Fave. Elaine recently joined the International Positive Psychology Association Health and Wellness Division Leadership Team to help uplift whole wellBeing and medicine.

Elaine’s dissertation, Positive, Active, Older, but Youthful Women and FITDANCE: Uplifting Community Dance Exercise was the topic of her APA presentation in Denver, August 2016.

Elaine has presented, consulted for, and served medical/health/executive, educational, corporate, government, sports, and entertainment, clients internationally. Elaine is known for her positive energy, welcoming style, innovation, and commitment toward helping people flourish. For more about Elaine, see her LinkedIn profile.

Her articles for Positive Psychology News can be found here.



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