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Respect at Work: Invitation to a Webinar this Thursday

written by Editor K.H.B. 19 September 2016

Editor’s note: We are experimenting with ways to get the word out about interesting webinars that are open to the public. There isn’t much warning for this webinar, so act fast if interested.

The MAPP Alumni Association invites you to attend its continuing professional education webinar series. The series occurs approximately monthly and involves speakers that might present at conferences, but you can see and hear them talk from the comfort of your office for a small fraction of the cost of attending a conference.

The next webinar will be given by Kristie Rogers, PhD, this Thursday, September 22, at noon ET.

Title: Respect at Work

Registration: Register here at least 2 hours before the talk.

Abstract: Organizational research indicates that members strongly desire respect: the worth accorded to one person by one or more others. But they rarely report adequately receiving it. In this webinar Dr. Rogers will discuss conceptual and empirical research indicating that respect is given and received in two distinct ways. One is a type of respect that is freely accorded to all individuals in a given group or context, and another is a type that is earned by individuals for valued attributes and achievements. She will discuss the interplay between these two types of respect, as well as the impact that receiving respect has on the ways that individuals see themselves and experience organizations. Finally, she will share findings from a qualitative study of incarcerated women who experienced respect as a catalyst for a positive identity transformation.

Speaker Bio:
Kristie Rogers (PhD, Arizona State University) is an Assistant Professor of Management at Marquette University. Her research focuses on the topics of respect, identity, and stigma. Current and past research projects span unique contexts such as a prison, the Army’s Special Forces, a large technology company, a small microbrewery, and a group of female directors of publicly traded firms.

A key stream of Kristie’s research focuses on the relationship between respect and identity. A conceptual paper details the two key types of respect in organizations (in press at Journal of Management) and an empirical paper explores the role of respect in identity transformation among female inmates (accepted for publication at Administrative Science Quarterly). Her research is also published in outlets such as Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, and the recent Handbook of Qualitative Organizational Research.

Kristie’s teaching experience includes undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational behavior, negotiations, and creativity and innovation. She also enjoys partnering with organizations to understand and address problems through interview-based research.



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