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Read NOW: Events for the International Day of Happiness starting TONIGHT at 8pm ET – March 19, 2015

written by Editor K.H.B. 19 March 2015

March 20th is the third annual International Day of Happiness declared by the United Nations.

Here are two ways you can get GREAT CONTENT on positive psychology for free starting today for a limited time. All specific times mentioned below are Eastern Time zone, GMT-4.

  • Starting at 8pm on Thursday, March 19 through 8pm on Friday, March 20: Click HERE NOW to watch a 24-hour live stream of incredible speakers.
  • Starting today, March 19: Click HERE NOW for the Virtual Conference for the International Day of Happiness. After March 26, the virtual conference is no longer free, but $50 will gain you ongoing access, in case you don’t have time to listen to everything that interests you this week.

Virtual Conference for the International Day of Happiness

The Penn MAPP Alumni Associate has created a virtual conference to which you are all invited. The conference is a follow-on to last year’s conference, which is still online.

For 2015, more than 30 speakers have been interviewed about their particular insights into human flourishing. Here are just a few of the speakers and the topics they cover:

  • Jessica Amortegui on positive leadership development
  • Kathryn Britton on building confidence in writing
  • Pam Hernandez on self acceptance and well-being among working women
  • Louisa Jewell on building confidence in general
  • Emilia Lahti on sisu
  • Sandy Lewis and Michelle McQuaid, each giving her own perspective on using strengths at work
  • Jeremy McCarthy on contributing to other people’s happiness
  • Caroline Miller on grit

The conference is open for free access between March 20 and March 26. After that, there will be a nominal charge for ongoing access. Proceeds from the conference will go to the Christopher Peterson Memorial Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania to honor our memories of Chris and to support future MAPP students.

Click here to see the whole contents of the conference open on March 20.

LiveHappy TV


LiveHappy TV 24 Hour Happiness Live Stream

From Margaret Greenberg: Over 2 dozen experts in the field of positive psychology, as well as business leaders and academics, will be featured talking about how you and your business can “profit from the positive” as we like to say.

The event starts at 8:00pm on March 19 and concludes at 8:00pm on March 20.

Senia Maymin will be on at 10:30pm on Thursday, March 19, and Margaret Greenberg will be on at 1:30pm on Friday, March 20. Tune in yourself, with your team, your customers, organization, or family and friends, for as much or as little as you like. Simply click here to reserve your free spot.

Other guests include

  • Barbara Fredrickson
  • Kristin Neff
  • Michelle Gielan, founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research
  • Nicholas Kraft (producer) and Adam Shell (director), both contributing the movie, Pursuing Happiness
  • John Havens, author of Hacking Happiness
  • Jenn Linn, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness

What is the International Day of Happiness?

From the United Nations:



“The General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution 66/281PDF document of 12 July 2012 proclaimed 20 March the International Day of Happiness recognizing the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world and the importance of their recognition in public policy objectives.

The United Nations invites Member States, international and regional organizations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals, to observe the International Day of Happiness in an appropriate manner, including through education and public awareness-raising activities.”

The two activities mentioned in this article are ways for you to observe the Internatioal Day of Happiness in an appropriate manner.


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Josef Mattes 22 March 2015 - 1:49 am

So 20 March is the day of happiness, says resolution 66/281. What about the rest of the year, 364 days of unhappiness? That’s what you might get when you outsource your well-being to bureaucrats.


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