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Research Invitation: insium’s Courage Questionnaire (CQ)

written by Dina Pozzo 17 August 2018

As a result of studying MAPP at the University of Melbourne, I launched Leading with Courage at the 5th World Congress of Positive Psychology in Montreal last year.

As part of this initiative, I am excited to launch insium’s Courage Questionnaire (CQ).

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The purpose of the CQ is to gather data about workplace courage. The purpose of this post is to invite you to participate in the questionnaire which can be found at this link.

At this point in time, there is little data on workplace courage in the world and hence, your participation will assist in leading the way in understanding courage in the workplace.

We are collecting data from the c-suite, leaders and managers, team members and individual specialists from a diverse variety of industries across the globe. The CQ takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

As a recipient of the ensuing report, you will have access to informed data about workplace courage.

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The focus of our questionnaire is workplace courage and includes workplace situations such as:

  • Giving my manager feedback
  • Disagreeing with an idea
  • Being authentic
  • Sharing strengths and weaknesses
  • Admitting mistakes

For each situation/item, you will be asked to assess:

  • Degree of risk in your organization
  • How worthwhile it is to take action
  • How willing you are to act

I would be thrilled if you can participate.

Thank you for your consideration.

If you have any questions about the CQ or would like to learn more about workplace courage, please visit www.leadingwithcourage.com.au

Go well,
Dina Pozzo



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