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Launch of Positive Psychology News Daily in Portuguese

written by Daniela Levy and Gilmara Ebers 13 August 2012

Daniela Levy is a Clinical Psychologist. She has a post graduate degree in Hospital and Clinical Psychology from the Heart Institute - InCor, and in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy from HC-FMUSP. She is a specialist in health coaching and wellness coaching from Wellcoaches and The American College of Sports Medicine. Daniela is the Presidente of APPAL, the Positive Psychology Association of Latin America. Full Bio. Her articles with Gilmara Ebers are here.

Gilmara Ebers graduated in Psychology from Worcester State University in the USA. She has a post graduate degree in Public Health and Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy from USP. She is a specialist in wellness coaching from Wellcoaches. She is also the coordinator and translator for APPAL. Full Bio..

On August 1, 2012, the Association of Positive Psychology of Latin America (APPAL) launched the Portuguese-language version of Positive Psychology News Daily with a translation of the very first PPND article ever published, Senia Maymin’s What is Positive Psychology?

APPAL is a non-profit organization founded in October 5, 2010, with headquarters located in Vila Mariana, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The co-editors are Gilmara Ebers and Daniela Levy.

Established with the goal of promoting human development, APPAL works for the diffusion of Positive Psychology by enabling contemporary professionals to adopt more appreciative views of human potentials, motivations, and capabilities.

The APPAL has as main objectives:

  • To support the study of Positive Psychology, drawing academia, private partners, and the general public closer together
  • To systematize and disseminate Positive Psychology, fostering the production of knowledge about the area
  • To promote the science and practice of Positive Psychology in Latin America, as well as to facilitate communication and collaboration of people who are interested in developing research in the area
  • To publish books and articles related to Positive Psychology

If you speak Portuguese, please visit the new site. We welcome your suggestions for articles to be translated from PPND or even your translations. We are also willing to publish articles first written in Portuguese. Perhaps the English language site will then publish a subsequent translation into English.

Editor’s Note: The Portuguese language site joins 3 other translated versions of Positive Psychology News Daily:

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