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Cathrine Gyldensted’s Bio

written by Cathrine Gyldensted 1 January 2007

Cathrine Gyldensted

Cathrine Gyldensted

Cathrine Gyldensted, MAPP 2011, is spearheading the budding field of constructive/positive news reporting. She has 13 years experience as a reporter covering hard news. She has served as US correspondent (TV), investigative reporter (TV) and most recently anchored a foreign affairs program in Denmark. (Radio).

Since 2011, Cathrine Gyldensted has been working to innovate solid, critical news reporting through the science of positive psychology. The aim is to strengthen quality journalism by not only covering the disease model of the world, but also providing news stories that engage, inspire, and describe solutions while still being quality reporting.

Gyldensted teaches courses for professional news reporters on constructive news and constructive investigative reporting. She is currently writing a textbook for journalism schools regarding constructive news. She has co-founded an international organization focusing on professionalizing constructive news, and she travels internationally to speak and teach on this topic. She presented constructive news reporting and its methodology at the 2013 Third World Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association.

Cathrine’s MAPP capstone is available at Penn Scholarly Commons: Innovating news journalism through positive psychology.

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