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written by Cassie Robinson 1 January 2007

Cassie Robinson

Cassie Robinson

Cassie Robinson, University of East London MAPP is a trained designer, social scientist, entrepreneur, and an awardee of the NESTA Creative Pioneer Programme. After gaining a First Class Honours Degree in Fashion & Business and running her own company for 4 years, Cassie moved in to the field of Social Innovation, a sector that she champions actively in the UK. She specializes in design-led strategy, user-centered and networked innovation, and participatory research methods.

Cassie works as a strategist, host, and broker for connecting people, ideas and sectors. She is currently working as a learning partner for NESTA’s Public Service Lab on Innovation Diffusion and as a Strategic Partner for LivingWell, UK’s peer-led and co-produced well-being programmes. Her work mostly involves designing innovation processes, supporting the growth and spread of social innovations, and developing ways to measure their value and impact.

Cassie has taught at the University of East London MAPP program about the relationship between Positive Psychology and Social Innovation. She is actively working to connect Positive Psychology interventions and measurements to work on active and collaborative citizenship and systems of social change so that they have less of an individual focus. To read more about her work in Social Innovation, please visit her Web Site.

Cassie wrote her MAPP thesis on sexuality and intimacy and has launched a new initiative Our Intimate Lives to broaden the reach, quality, and relevance of discussion about intimacy. This initiative highlights how important being intimate is, as well as exploring and articulating the scale on which intimacy exists, whether it be sexual intimacy or the intimacy between carer and patient.

Cassie’s PPND articles are here.

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