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PPN Bites: “Employee Strengths” by Carin Rockind (Episode 16)

written by Carin Rockind October 16, 2018

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Hi there, I’m Carin Rockind, welcome to PPN Bites where we give you 60-second helpings of the positive psychology news you need to know. It’s long been understood in positive psychology research, positive organizational development research, that employees who feel that they can use their strengths at work are happier, more engaged, and they’re more productive.

Most of that research has been done in Western contexts, so a recent 2018 study of 2000 people in a variety of countries including Indonesia, Romania, Germany, South Africa, they were asked: “do you believe that your employer encourages you to use your strengths?” And the research shows that when an employee believes that the employer wants a worker to use their strengths at work that employee is more productive and happier.

This research is across the board, so the question for you is: no matter where you work, how will you increase the belief in employees that their strengths matter? We hope that this helps you take a bite outta happiness and improve your life. Bye for now!

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