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PPN Bites: “Are selfies actually beneficial?” by Carin Rockind (Episode 15)

written by Carin Rockind October 9, 2018

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Hi, I’m Carin Rockind. Welcome to PPN Bites where we give you 60-second helpings of the Positive Psychology News you need to know. I know, selfies might seem kind of annoying. But recent research out of the University of California Irvine shows that it actually may be beneficial for us.

They asked college students to participate in a study where they took three pictures a day. One of a selfie where they were smiling, one of something that made them happy like a flower or a tree or a friend, and one of a picture that would make someone else happy and then send it off to that person whether it was a friend or a parent or whomever. What they found is that all three states actually increased happiness and wellbeing. So as much as we may find some of the technology to be overwhelming or we think that some social media isn’t good for people. Research is showing the opposite.

So go ahead, take out that camera, take a selfie, smile and take pictures of what you love. We hope that this helps you take a bite out of happiness and improve your life. Bye for now.

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