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PPN Bites: “Why should you savor things?” by Carin Rockind (Episode 02)

written by Carin Rockind 5 June 2018

Carin Rockind, MAPP '10, is an empowerment coach and inspirational speaker. Carin holds the simple philosophy that we each have a unique purpose on earth and we're happy when living it. Working with individuals and companies, she combines her expertise in Positive Psychology with experience as a trauma survivor and former Fortune 500 exec to support professional women to be truly happy and wildly successful. For more information, visit Website, Facebook, Twitter. Full bio. Carin's articles are here.

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Hi, I’m Carin Rockind welcome to PPND Bites where we give you 60-second helpings of the Positive Psychology News you need to know. Researchers have long talked about the good of savoring, how thinking about a positive memory from the past or being mindful in savoring the moment or even thinking about the future and savoring a future vacation is good for your brain, it makes you happier, it makes you healthier.

Well, recent research that came out in 2018 also shows that savoring the past can help with being optimistic about the future. Researchers worked with people at their high school or their college reunion and when with these people they found that not only did having an opportunity to savor the past help them be nostalgic and positive about that experience four to nine months later, it also helped them be more optimistic about the future. Think about it, the more you think about good the more you believe that good is to come. It makes sense from a brain perspective. It makes sense from a heart perspective. And this is Positive Psychology News you need to know. So, I hope that this helps you take a bigger bite out of life. See you next time on PPND Bites.

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