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written by Angus Skinner 1 January 2007

Angus Skinner

Angus Skinner

Angus Skinner, MAPP ’06, is back working in his beloved and beautiful Scotland.

His mother was the first daughter and 8th child of a crofting family on Skye, born in a two-room house and who later crossed the Hindu Kush); his father (from fishing folk) was a surgeon and missionary, building (often by hand) a hospital in Pakistan.

Angus was always involved in Scotland and for 15 years was a senior civil servant and Chief Social Work Inspector. Angus has argued the case for positive psychology in Scotland since 1997. Angus agrees with Martin Seligman that the world is experiencing changes unprecedented since the 15th century and that the paradigm shift that is broadly described as positive psychology has important links back to 18th century Scottish Enlightenment thinking, and especially Adam Smith.

Angus has also been a visiting Professor at the University of Strathclyde.

For more detail, see the IPPA bio of Angus Skinner.

Angus contributed two chapters to the Positive Psychology News book, Gratitude: How to Appreciate Life’s Gifts. His PPND articles are here.

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