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written by Editor S.M. 1 January 2009

Senia Maymin is the founder and editor-in-chief of PositivePsychologyNews.com. She was the series editor for the Positive Psychology News book series that recently published the first book, Resilience: How to Navigate Life's Curves. (Bio, Articles)

New Year's Celebration

New Year's Celebration

Have a wonderful 2009!
Sean asked two days ago, What do you wish for?
Today, we share year-starting thoughts and wishes from some of our authors and editors.





Senia MayminSenia: Dear Readers, thank you so much for being with us last year. We wish you a wonderful, wonderful new 2009! We have loved your discussions with our authors and guest authors in the comments sections.  Please keep adding comments any time – this is what makes the site ALIVE.  Thank you!  My wish for you?  Whatever you do this year, do it boldly! We look forward to wonderful discussions with you in the new year.



Kathryn:: Here’s a bit of 2000-year-old poetry relevant for our time:

True riches mean not revenues:
Care clings to wealth: the thirst for more

Grows as our fortunes grow. I stretch my store
By narrowing my wants; … We are not poor
While nought we seek. Happiest to whom high Heaven
Enough — no more — with sparing hand has given.

From Horace Ode 3.16, Stephen de Vere translation

I wish you good health and high energy!



Angus SkinnerAngus: What a year, year end, and year ahead. Irrespective of party politics, one of the proudest moments of my life is when my son and daughter stood outside Rockefeller Center in New York and watched the results come in.  My mother, born in a two-roomed croft on the Isle of Skye, would have felt it fabulously and loved it. The only stocks rising, and they are rising hugely, are ‘authenticity’ and ‘happiness.’ She had those in wells, pulling up whatever was necessary for the day. In time she walked the Hindu Kush, and found the same two values there. Here’s to new real prosperity for all!


Kirsten: 2008 has been rough for many, and I’m not just talking about the financial situation in which we find ourselves. I know many who have experienced illness, loss of loved ones, and other true challenges. My wish for you all this year is that you find acceptance of all the moments of your lives, the highs and the lows. It is in this acceptance, without labeling circumstances as good or bad, that true peace resides, and I wish this peace for you. As Lao-tzu says, “Seek not happiness too greedily, and be not fearful of unhappiness.”



Sean Doyle


: Please remember, you really can make a meaningful difference in the lives of other people.  Peace to all.



Margaret GreenbergMargaret: Dear Readers: Guess who just turned 2?  Positive Psychology News Daily!  Thank you for your continued interest in the new science of Positive Psychology.   Tip for the New Year?  Fill in the blank:  “2009 will be the year I ….”  Better yet, play “Fill in the blank” with someone you love.  Get curious.  Find out what their blank is.  Remember, our lives really do go in the direction we tell ourselves (and others).



Louis AlloroLouis:  May you find the vision & strength to become your best self this year — and may you find the people in your lives to help you get there. Consider the power in reinventing your story!




David: Let’s Build Gratitude Chains in 2009 and Beware of Garbage Trucks! in 2009. We’ll be happier and more successful if we do! Thank you so much for all of your support and comments this year! Happy New Year! Best to all!



Marie-Josee SalvasMarie-Josée: My favorite quote is by Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the World”.  Easier said than done, I wish you all the strength and courage to achieve it, such that you and yours can experience more peace, love, health and success in the coming year.  For a quick booster on how to get started, see my Top 10 Stimuli to Exercise Your Body.



Derrick Carpenter


Derrick: Dear Reader, In 2009 I wish for you the strength to challenge yourself. An often overlooked key to well-being is the need to grow. Challenging ourselves just beyond our comfort zones expands us as people into bigger, bolder states of being. For more on the benefits of challenge, see this article.


Here is our note to you from last year.

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