written by Editor S.M. 3 January 2008

Senia Maymin is the founder and editor-in-chief of PositivePsychologyNews.com. She was the series editor for the Positive Psychology News book series that recently published the first book, Resilience: How to Navigate Life's Curves. (Bio, Articles)

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Positive Psychology News Daily!

Thank you very much for the past year. We have very much enjoyed writing articles for you. Thanks to you for continuing to visit this site. Here are our wishes for you for 2008!

Senia MayminDear Readers, thank you very much for a wonderful year. All of us authors have LOVED interacting with you in the Comments sections, and hearing from you by email. Tip for the New Year: for fun, try self-regulation in new areas of your life!
~ Senia Maymin

Kathryn BrittonDear Readers, 2008 brings further unfolding of your personal story. May it be full of gratitude, energy, resilience, celebration, temperance, and love for yourself and others. Your story has power – may it be power for good.
~ Kathryn Britton

Dana ArakawaDear Readers, I wish for you that in 2008, you have the courage to make the changes you want and need to make, the discipline to make a plan of action and follow it, and the perspective to enjoy and savor the journey.
~ Dana Arakawa

Aren CohenDear Readers, William James said, “Wherever you are, it is your friends who make your world…….” My wish for all of you is that in 2008, your friends continue to make your world a special place. For some pointers on making it happen, check out this article. Happy New Year!
~ Aren Cohen

My theme for the New Year is HOPE…. Last February, I wrote about making a difference in schools by increasing access to adults, sports, and arts. I hope that in 2008 parents and educators will increase adolescent access to adults, sports, and arts, giving our future leaders more pathways to hope.
~ Christine Duvivier

Margaret Greenberg Dear Readers: Thank you for your interest and curiosity in Positive Psychology during our first year of publication. I hope Positive Psychology News Daily has become a new, healthy habit. Tip for the New Year: Forget about New Year resolutions and goals for a moment; instead: What will your life “theme” be for ’08? Remember, our lives really do go in the direction we tell ourselves.
~ Margaret Greenberg

Nicholas HallI wish everyone a year of Peace, Love, and Happiness! For our coaches/clinicians – and really anyone – for a year of educating ourselves and our clients in emotion management through emotional intelligence, I point you to this article on emotional intelligence.
~ Nicholas Hall

Caroline MillerMay 2008 be the most successful, inspiring and zestful year of your life! Sterling Press will publish a book in January 2009 on life lists and well-being that I’m writing. To remind yourself of the power of life lists to create joy, check out a recent article I wrote on “The Bucket List” movie.
~ Caroline Miller

David J. Pollay
You’re great! Thank you for all your thoughtful and supportive posts this year! It is a joy connecting with you on Positive Psychology News Daily! Here’s my big tip for the New Year: Follow “The Law of the Garbage Truck™” and enjoy every day in 2008!
~ David J. Pollay

Doug Turner
The principles and concepts of Positive Psychology provide us all with hope for a better world. My hope is that your individual world is better, happier, and has more meaning in 2008. All the best,
~ Doug Turner

Happy New Year to All! May you find meaning and pleasure as your pursue purpose in your lives. Do whistle while you work – Pollyanna was on the right track.
~ Sulynn

SUMMARY for the year of 2007:
In the past year, we wrote 203 articles, and you joined us in the discussion with 1336 comments. We have gone from 50 unique readers to about 10,000 unique readers per month. During the year, about 85,000 unique viewers visited the site for a total of about 200,000 times. Each article was read on average for 2 minutes and 25 seconds, and while on the site, a visitor viewed about 2.3 articles on average. Thank you for a tremendous year, and we look forward to creating more superb research-based content for you in 2008. Thank you.

Editor S.M. is Editor-in-Chief Senia Maymin. Contact info: senia@PositivePsychologyNews.com.

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Jeff Dustin 3 January 2008 - 5:19 am

This is by far my favorite website!

Kathryn Britton 3 January 2008 - 10:56 am

Yea! to Sulynn for mentioning Pollyanna. I once thought of making buttons for the Positive Psychology Summit that said “Pollyanna was a practicing positive psychologist 92 years before the first MAPP program.”

Her story is worth reading — and available online.



Kathryn Britton 3 January 2008 - 10:58 am

Thank you Senia for the idea of launching 2008 this way.


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