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MAPP Magazine: Spring 2023 Edition

written by Abimbola Tschetter 24 April 2023

Abimbola (Abi) Tschetter (MAPP '22) is a business writer, editor, and marketing consultant based north of Seattle on Whidbey Island. She is an assistant instructor in the University of Pennsylvania Master of Applied Positive Psychology program and editor-in-chief of its alumni publication, MAPP Magazine.

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The mission of the MAPP Magazine is first to keep University of Pennsylvania Master of Applied Positive Psychology Program (MAPP) alumni connected, and second to share the wide range of our applications of positive psychology with a broader audience to inspire collaboration and growth in the field.

This issue of MAPP Magazine is dominated by recent graduates from the MAPP program who are in their first year of applying positive psychology to themes that are important to them. It also includes a vision of the direction positive psychology could evolve.

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Crafting OurStory

The stories we tell—and believe—can shape or break our lives and experiences. In this article, Abi Tschetter (MAPP ’22) explores the power and inherent potential of personal and collective narratives.

Abi introduces OurStory, a positive narrative intervention designed to improve academic outcomes and well-being, harnessing an unexpected tool: the college admissions essay.

A Vision for the Evolution of Positive Psychology

In this reflection on her journey to and following her Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree at the University of Pennsylvania, Pax Tandon (MAPP ’10) meditates on her personal exploration of well-being—from the media to mindfulness to plant medicine.

Pax offers a vision for the future of positive psychology. She calls for a shift in focus from the individual to the collective, and the incorporation of spirituality and morality into the field, alongside the science.

Desert blook

Flower blooming in the desert

Turning Pain into Fuel for Positive Change

How did a drunk-driving accident that killed his girlfriend, an accident in which he was the driver, bring Mark O’Brien (MAPP ’22) to posttraumatic growth? Read the deeply personal article in which he shares his journey to help shed light on why some people seem to thrive while living with extreme distress.

Like those he studies, Mark is a changemaker who arrived at his calling through life-changing adversity.

Baby and adult touching hands

Touch is important

Touch and Positive Psychology

What is the oldest, largest, and most sensitive organ of the body? The skin. Kimberly Dickman MAPP ’22) describes the importance of touch for the human condition. Scientific exploration into touch leads to the conclusion that its absence is damaging, while its presence contains the power of healing. Kimberly encourages us to explore the role of touch in our lives, and challenges the field to examine touch as a means of thriving.

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Jenny 30 April 2023 - 1:34 am

I never thought of using a gratitude journal as a tool for reducing stress and anxiety, but this article opened my eyes. I’m definitely going to give it a try.

Carol 30 April 2023 - 1:34 am

I love how this article highlights the idea that gratitude is a habit that we can cultivate over time. It’s not just a one-time thing, but a practice that we can incorporate into our daily lives.


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