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Gratitude and Forgiveness

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Gratitude is complex. It’s a positive emotion that can be cultivated with intentional activity. It’s a character strength measured by the VIA Signature Strengths assessment. It’s the foundation of a number of positive interventions that have been found to enhance happiness. Gratitude involves both acknowledging good things that happen – being mindful of present benefits – and recognizing that the sources of goodness are outside us.

Forgiveness is the flip side of gratitude. It involves responding positively to transgressions by offering mercy instead of vengeance. Like gratitude, it is outward directed and intentional and recognized as a VIA character strength.

The two are merged here both because of the qualities they share, and because forgiveness has not received enough attention from PPND authors to be a category on its own yet. So they may split apart in a future revision.

PPND articles on Gratitude and Forgiveness
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Other Resources for Gratitude and Forgiveness

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Happiness activity 1 is Expressing Gratitude (pp. 89-100).

Happiness activity 7 is Learning to Forgive (pp. 169-179).

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Chapter 24 describes Gratitude, while chapter 19 describes Forgiveness. Each chapter includes a discussion of deliberate interventions to develop the strength, enabling and inhibiting factors, cross-cultural differences, and measurements.

“Prototypically, gratitude stems from the perception that one has benefited due to the actions of another person. There is an acknowledgment that one has received a gift and an appreciation of and recognition of the value of the gift.” (P. 554.)

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