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Awe and Elevation

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Awe and elevation are self-transcendent emotions, possibly triggered by witnessing acts of human moral beauty or virtue and often giving people the desire to improve themselves and work toward the greater good.

This is another area with rather light coverage from the PPND authors.

PPND articles on Awe and Elevation

David PollayBy David J. Pollay:

A Daily Dose of Awe and Gratitude

Kathryn BrittonBy Kathryn Britton:

Awe and Elevation

Other Resources for Awe and Elevation

Haidt, J. (2006). The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom. New York: Basic Books.

Visit the Happiness Hypothesis site for information about the book, including some of the chapters available online (but not this one.)

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Keltner, D. & Haidt, J. (2003). Approaching awe: A moral, spiritual, and aesthetic emotion. Cognition and Emotion, 17, 297-314. Available here.

Bibliography of Haidt and Keltner papers on elevation and self-transcendent emotion, including links to most articles.

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Jon Haidt and Dacher Keltner were the primary authors of Chapter 23, which describes the character strength, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence [Awe, Wonder, Elevation]. Jon Haidt has made the Beauty and Excellence chapter available on the Web.

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