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Positive Actions Image Map

DRAFT: The links are NOT active yet.

Positive Actions image map

Life Well-Lived Image Map

Positive actions are intentional activities that people can perform to make their lives more satisfying and meaningful. They are the basis of many of the positive interventions that positive psychology offers the world.


  • So far, we have divided actions into the kind of steps a person takes to fulfill that action: an action step (habits, goals, decisions), an identity step (strengths and flow), or a cognitive step (celebrating, grit, resilience, managing mood).
  • BTW, many of the items that show up in other image maps involve positive actions and “doing” words. For example, Gratitude in the Positive Emotions image map involves “being aware and giving thanks.” The division we use here is only to make the organization a useful way for people to find their ways around, not to draw any firm dividing lines. In fact, we may make some cross linkages as we go forward.

This is our first take on the Positive Action image map – in case people want to comment before we start writing up the subsections. Please note: The links are NOT active yet. This is a work in progress.

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Jeff Dustin 25 July 2008 - 2:02 pm

I like that there is potential overlap. These are multiple pathways just like in the Yellow Pages. Auto Garage points you to Auto Repair, for example.

Just because I might put grit and goal pursuit under motivation, I can still find the relevant articles. Well done!


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