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Image Maps: Map Instructions

Welcome to the Image Maps!

What you will find:

  • Arrows point from the broader topics toward the more detailed topics
  • You can click on each word in an image map – each word will take you somewhere.
  • In each topic, there are two main things:
    • Positive Psychology News Daily (PPND) authored articles
    • Descriptions of research and researchers – including links to researcher websites and links to books by the researchers
  • In each image map and article, there is a link to go back to the image map at the next level up.

Life Well-Lived Image Map

The top-level image map (see picture) is based on a merger of different models for positive psychology. This map is meant only as a useful tool for navigating around the many different ideas that pop up in positive psychology, not a definitive statement about how the field should be organized. In fact, that can be said for all the image maps. ***We welcome suggestions for refinement, remembering that our goals are clarity and understanding for general readers, not organizing academic research.***

NOTE: Some topics appear multiple places in the image maps. For example, Managing Moods is both in the Positive Emotion map and the Positive Actions map. Both image maps point to the same discussion and reference list.

NOTE: Amazon links on these image maps go through us as the Amazon associate in order to make money to offset the cost of the site’s computer programming that we outsource.

NOTE: The Positive Action Image Map is just at its starting point, so we especially welcome organization suggestions about it.

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