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Six Tips for a Happy Workplace
By Rowan Green  
March 17, 2015 – 3:49 pm | No Comment
Sharing with a friend at work

Here are some tips from psychological research for achieving workplace happiness and productivity: deal effectively with bad bosses, prefer intentions over fantasies, and value workplace friendships.

Open-mindedness and Judgment: Paragons In Action
By Aren Cohen  
March 13, 2015 – 2:54 pm | No Comment
King and the Abernathy Children front-line in the Selma march

All of us can learn from paragons of strengths. The film, Selma, about Martin Luther King Jr. and the march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, is an opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate the virtue of open-mindedness and judgment.

Open-mindedness and Judgment: A Character Strength on the Fence
By Aren Cohen  
March 12, 2015 – 11:21 am | No Comment
On the fence

The character strength of Open-mindedness or Judgment becomes a sticky one precisely because it straddles a boundary between character and questioning ethics. Open-mindedness seems to stem from compassion and a sense of tolerance and receptivity. Conversely, judgment implies logic and rationality, as well as a determination that one option is superior to another.

Busyness, Idleness, and Fulfillment
By Homaira Kabir  
March 9, 2015 – 8:51 am | No Comment
Egg faces

My twins’ busy schedules had become a source of worry for me. Rare were the moments when I saw them relax with a storybook, while the afternoon away with friends, or unwind by throwing hoops in the basketball net.

So I made taking time out a priority.

The Real World of the Ivory Tower: My Appreciative Education Conference Experience
By Susanna Wu-Pong  
March 6, 2015 – 3:11 pm | One Comment
Universities as complex organizations

Yesterday I sketched the 3 main topics highlighted in the Appreciative Education conference in early January. Today I want to talk the ways appreciative education relates to positive psychology, appreciative mindsets, and ways appreciative education can contribute to my own goals around creating positive universities and university experiences.

Three Areas of Appreciative Education (Conference)
By Susanna Wu-Pong  
March 5, 2015 – 3:24 pm | No Comment
square ae pic

The Appreciative Education (AE) Conference took place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in early January 2015. According to conference organizer, Jennifer Bloom, AE aims to improve education in K-12 through higher education by providing “an intentional and positive approach to bettering educational enterprises by focusing on the strengths and potential of individuals and organizations to accomplish co-created goals.”

The Year of Sisu 2015: An Interview with Emilia Lahti
By Marta Velázquez  
March 2, 2015 – 4:02 pm | No Comment

It is a great pleasure for me to interview Emilia Lahti, a researcher whose work revolves around understanding how individuals, groups, and organizations grow from challenges and come out of hardships with a newly discovered sense of strength, purpose, and adaptability. Nowadays, Emilia is working on a Ph.D. on the age-old Finnish construct of sisu.

Listening as an Act of Love
By Homaira Kabir  
February 26, 2015 – 6:03 pm | 7 Comments
Vibrant child talking

Lunch-time was often a struggle for my mental capacities. Rarely did a day go by when my vibrant nine-year old, just back from school, failed to enlighten us with long and winding tales of girly social interactions. Rarely did I manage to follow them all the way through. In fact, I usually lost the story line somewhere in Act One….

TWO Coursera Courses Starting This Week
By Editor K.H.B.  
February 10, 2015 – 3:38 pm | No Comment
Register for Better Leader, Richer Life

For followers of positive psychology, two relevant Coursera courses started this week:

Read about these courses and click through to register.

Lesson in Gratitude: The Teacher Taught
By Homaira Kabir  
February 7, 2015 – 1:35 pm | 12 Comments
Mother with twins

I guess it is the nature of parenthood to find your children ungrateful. Or at least not as grateful as they could be, should be or used to be. This feeling really hit me hard when my twins entered their teenage years. Then I realized how easily I had erased the memories of my little pigeons helplessly hooked up in their incubators, how conveniently I had become ungrateful to the forces that had listened to my desperate pleas for the life and health of my little babies.