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Character Strengths Matter is one year old today
By Kathryn Britton  
June 7, 2016 – 2:22 pm | 3 Comments

Celebrating the birthday of the 3rd book in the PPND series and announcing the new page of consolidated references.

Big Vision Drives Big Action
By Elaine O'Brien  
June 5, 2016 – 1:52 pm | 8 Comments
Kunal, Elaine, and Johannes Eichstaedt at the  Power of Collaboration congress at the UN, Spring 2016

The United Nations has 17 sustainable development goals that create a broad vision of a positive future. In service of these goals, Kunal Sood intends to have a positive effect on the lives of a billion people by combining technology and entrepreneurship. Whether or not you think as big as Kunal does, there are things you can do on a daily basis to move us toward a positive future.

Action for Happiness: 5th Anniversary – Past, Present, Future
By Bridget Grenville-Cleave  
May 16, 2016 – 9:41 am | 11 Comments
Martin Seligman ©2016 Action for Happiness, with permission

A sneak preview of Martin Seligman’s forthcoming book on prospection, Homo Prospectus, why Learned Helplessness is all wrong, and a new angle for positive psychology.

When Gratitude Does Not Lead to Well-being
By Homaira Kabir  
May 10, 2016 – 1:02 pm | 2 Comments
Angry child

There was my lesson. What my child needed was my attunement to help her make sense of her emotions. By shushing them down with a glassful of gratitude, I was simply shirking my responsibility.

How to Have a Good Day (Book Review)
By Lisa Sansom  
May 4, 2016 – 10:25 am | No Comment

I’ve shared some takeaways from the first half of Caroline Webb’s new book. I hope you can see the value that she is imparting to her readers. She goes on to talk about how to be “your smartest, wisest, most creative self” and how to have impact and influence in what you say and do.

Different Views of Forgiveness
By Geoff Fallon  
April 27, 2016 – 10:16 am | 2 Comments
Global stone - Forgiveness

From the Wall Street Journal to experts in medicine, therapy, and positive psychology, what does forgiveness mean and how does it affect the forgiver?

How Not to Be Your Job
By Sherif Arafa  
April 20, 2016 – 1:53 pm | 3 Comments
Time to play with others

Dear reader, let’s think together: What would happen if you are disconnected from your job or studies right now? Who would you be then, and how would you spend your time? How would you see your roles in life beyond the context of work/study, and who are the important people to you?

10 Keys to Happier Living (Book Review)
By Angus Skinner  
April 7, 2016 – 9:33 am | 2 Comments
Singing in the Choir

This is a very welcome, informative, and practical book, an excellent overview of the landscape of keys to happier living, which is for all of us a life-long work in progress.

Individual Differences at Work: Part 2, Type A and Type B
By Sarah Tottle  
April 5, 2016 – 12:10 pm | 3 Comments
Type A? How much does it predict?

Ever since Friedman and Roseman’s 1959 study identifying the Type A personality and its link to coronary heart disease, research into the influence of personality factors on health has caught public attention.
Type A …

Individual Differences at Work: Part 1, Handling Stress
By Sarah Tottle  
March 23, 2016 – 2:59 pm | One Comment
heavy load

Stress is subjectively experienced. Individual differences influence how each employee interacts within their workplace and perceive and manage stress. Each individual sees stress through a different lens.