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Sherri Fisher, MAPP ’06, M.Ed., Director of Learn & Flourish LLC, is a leader in the field of positive education. An education management consultant and coach, workshop facilitator and author, Sherri uses the POS-EDGE Model to incorporate research-based findings from strengths psychology and behavioral economics into positive, personalized, best-practice strategies for learning, parenting, and work.

Fringe Benefits of Appreciating Beauty and Excellence
September 15, 2014 – 4:09 pm | 13 Comments

Some people might be scared by a thunderstorm while others might be awed. In those moments, the person with the strength of Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence is able to transcend ego and instead be moved to an awareness of the vastness and amazement that the world has to offer. Time slows down. In such moments a person may feel drawn to future opportunities for using this strength.

Kidding Ourselves (Book Review)
June 4, 2014 – 9:24 am | No Comment

With this book, you will learn how kidding yourself is a power that your brain uses for good. Even if we are kidding ourselves, explains Hallinan, self-delusion serves a valuable role in our lives.

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