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Scott Crabtree is a passionate teacher of neuroscience, psychology, and the science of happiness. He is empowering organizations to apply findings from cutting-edge brain science to boost productivity and happiness at work. In addition to his own articles, he has also written articles with Chris Wilson.

Write a Happiness-boosting Progress Report (@ScottCrab)
September 13, 2016 – 12:08 pm | 2 Comments

Like any business leader, I wanted to be informed of what my employees were up to, so I requested that all of us write status reports. But status reports can become boring and sometimes feel pointless. What does science tell us about making them both a joy to write and a joy to read?

Michael Jordan’s Performance Review (@ScottCrab)
September 21, 2015 – 8:36 am | 2 Comments

How would you write Michael Jordan’s performance review?

What feedback would you give Michael Jordan? What would you tell him to do?

Go beyond SMART to SMARTEST Goals (@ScottCrab)
August 20, 2015 – 10:40 am | 2 Comments

The science of setting and reaching goals tells us that the best goals go beyond SMART. I’m using the acronym SMARTEST goals to add more of what science says helps us reach our goals.

Your Inner CEO
July 22, 2013 – 12:55 pm | 4 Comments

The ability to just sit there may be exactly the ability we need during some of work’s most stressful moments. Our boss is inappropriately ranting during a meeting, and we just want to explode. An ability to ease the tension by focusing on the sensations of breathing may be just what our brains and our careers need. Train your inner CEO with mindfulness, and experience the health, happiness, and career benefits that can result.

REACH to Rewire your Brain
November 18, 2012 – 3:43 pm | 5 Comments

Until recent years, the story of your brain was pretty discouraging: your brain set like concrete as you become an adult and neurons died and weren’t replaced. But now neuroscience is rewriting a much more encouraging story of your brain. Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to rewire and restructure itself due to learning and experience. So what do you need to do to most effectively rewire your brain?

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