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Positive Power in Organizations
July 16, 2010 – 11:11 am | 3 Comments
Positive Power in Organizations

The image of a powerful organizational leader conjures up an archetype of strength, knowledge, and wisdom. It makes us think of a leader who knows the right thing to do and does it. The …

Positive Interventions and Disease: Is There A Basis?
July 4, 2007 – 8:35 am | 2 Comments
Positive Interventions and Disease: Is There A Basis?

Many of those familiar with the treatment of disease and the world of positive psychology can readily appreciate some of the potential applications. Research continues to legitimize the notion that mind and body are connected. It is easy to speculate how positive interventions might augment traditional therapeutics. But can positive psychology alone be effective in treating severe maladies such as organ failure? […]

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