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Positive Psychology; An Anthology by Jenny Anderson
March 13, 2012 – 1:03 pm | One Comment

What if friends, somewhat new to positive psychology, asked you what’s going on in the field? Perhaps they are just curious, or perhaps they want to include topics from positive psychology in classes (college, high school, Sunday school, business) and need to feel confidently grounded in the relevant research. Where would you send them? After reading Jenny Anderson’s Positive Psychology; An Anthology, I have a great answer.

Smarts and Stamina – A Book Review
September 24, 2011 – 4:15 pm | 6 Comments

I have been anticipating Marie-Josée Shaar and Kathryn Britton’s new book: Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Optimal Health and Performance for several months now and it is better even than I had anticipated.

The Optimism Bias – A Book Review
June 21, 2011 – 10:26 am | 16 Comments

Dr. Tali Sharot just released her book, The Optimism Bias; A Tour of the Irrationally Positive Brain. The optimism bias is the inclination to overestimate the likelihood of encountering positive events in the future and to underestimate the likelihood of experiencing negative events. The book is a neuroscientist’s contribution to an increased understanding of the biological basis of optimism.

Oprah’s Last Class
May 27, 2011 – 10:05 am | 12 Comments

For twenty years my dear friend Ann and I have been watching the Oprah Winfrey show, so it seemed appropriate that we watch Oprah’s last show together. Through the power of storytelling and television, Oprah brought to life many lessons taught by positive psychologists around the world. She used her final show to share her greatest lessons from 25 years of the Oprah show. Here they are…

Upgrading the Motivation Operating System: Drive: (Book Review)
May 16, 2011 – 8:00 am | 4 Comments

Drive; The Surprising Truth about What Motives Us by Daniel Pink is an intriguing and informative read for anyone interested in human motivation. I found the toolkit to be extremely rich with great ideas for rethinking motivation in the workplace. Pink helps us to understand when incentives work and when they don’t. He challenges the conventional wisdom that everyone is driven by money.

Life After Bullying: Cultivating Pearls
February 16, 2011 – 11:00 am | 7 Comments
Life After Bullying: Cultivating Pearls

When a foreign substance lodges itself in an oyster, the oyster’s natural defense is to build a wall around the irritation to protect itself that eventually becomes a pearl. An irritation produces a precious gem. Can irritations in our own lives also produce precious things? I believe so. Learning to deal with adversity can sometimes make children stronger and more resilient. Here is what I would say to every parent whose child has been bullied or has been a bully.

Forgiveness or Revenge? What is the Answer?
January 14, 2011 – 12:14 pm | 24 Comments
Forgiveness or Revenge? What is the Answer?

A very close family member had hurt me very badly many years ago. For my own health and happiness, I decided to completely forgive her by finding compassion for her. I forgave her – not because I felt what she did was right, I did it for me to let it go. But over the years, forgiveness offered me no relief and I began to question if forgiveness was the right thing to do in this case? This is when I started to dig deeper on the downside of forgiveness. I mean, is there any time when it does not make sense?

Believing in Santa Claus
December 17, 2010 – 11:44 am | 10 Comments
Believing in Santa Claus

When the women of my book club heard the plight of the families of the Red Door, they enthusiastically embraced the task of sponsoring a family. It was wonderful to know this family was going to have a good Christmas…but what touched my heart was how the women of the book club were transformed. They felt it made a difference in their lives and here’s how…

Dressed by Daddy and Female Happiness Part II
November 22, 2010 – 9:45 am | 19 Comments
Dressed by Daddy and Female Happiness Part II

In part I, I described research that shows a decline in female happiness since 1972. I asked you to share what you thought the reasons were for this decline. The article sparked a flurry of discussion. I will explore four of the reasons put forth and then offer some strategies for improving female happiness.

Folding Fitted Sheets and Female Happiness – Part 1
October 13, 2010 – 10:52 am | 41 Comments
Folding Fitted Sheets and Female Happiness – Part 1

Oprah recently had Martha Stewart on her show. Apparently thousands of women had written in about having Martha show them, once again, how to properly fold a fitted bed sheet. This made me think; is the state of our linen closets just one more standard to which women need to measure up? And are these impossible standards contributing to the steady drop that researchers have found in women’s happiness since 1972?

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