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A Brain-Computer Interface to Exercise Self-Control
August 23, 2012 – 4:45 pm | 8 Comments

Now we will try something different: a TEDx talk by one of our authors about a brain-computer interface that can be used to exercise the part of the brain that is involved in self-control.

Necessity-is-the-Mother-of-Invention Strategies
March 27, 2008 – 12:02 am | 10 Comments
Necessity-is-the-Mother-of-Invention Strategies

They weren’t PhD’s. They didn’t have millions in NIH grants, or access to well-oiled research and development labs. In fact, neither Augusto nor Michaela Odone had even a basic background in biology. Despite their lack …

Mindfulness and VIA Signature Strengths
March 27, 2007 – 8:10 pm | 5 Comments

Mounting evidence suggests that mindfulness may promote positive subjective experience, which is the first “pillar” of Positive Psychology. Relationships between mindfulness and other pillars of the burgeoning Positive Psychology movement, however, have not been thoroughly studied.

Jordan Silberman’s Bio
January 1, 2007 – 11:00 am | One Comment
Jordan Silberman’s Bio

Jordan Silberman, MD, PhD, is the Medical Director of EdLogics, a health literacy education company. During graduate school Jordan developed a brain-computer interface training protocol designed to up-regulate neural activity underlying self-control, improve self-control ability, …

Jordan Silberman
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