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Jeremy McCarthy is the Director of Global Spa Operations and Development where he is responsible for spa development for all of Starwood's hotel brands. Jeremy is applying positive psychology to the customer experience in spas and hospitality.

Happiness from Within and Without
January 19, 2016 – 11:28 am | 2 Comments

These researchers ask, “Whose responsibility is happiness?” It does not rest solely on the individual, and it does not emerge solely from the conditions of society. The researchers suggest co-responsibility as the answer: “The idea that happiness emerges as a collective and cooperative endeavor that requires both favorable life conditions and individual effort.”

Being Called (Book Review)
November 10, 2015 – 12:22 pm | 2 Comments

At some point or another we all wrestle with questions around why we are here and how to find purpose in life. Being Called is a great introduction to what we can glean from these experiences in the modern world. Sometimes it is a powerful vision of a possible future that pulls us along, pushing us in a new direction, with no regard whatsoever for how we got where we are.

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