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Confident Rejection: Handling Fear of Failure
July 11, 2014 – 9:59 am | 14 Comments

Earlier I described my growing awareness of fear of failure, how it became a familiar part of myself at home in my psyche. So, how do I deal with this unhelpful little shadow, my fear of being valueless?

Confident Rejection: A First-hand Look at Fear of Failure
July 9, 2014 – 12:59 pm | 9 Comments

How do I deal with this unhelpful little shadow, the fear of being valueless, and rebuild my identity? Seeing what it’s been up to and how it manifests is undoubtedly the first step. Stepping back and looking at it seems to take away much of its power.

Stop Searching for Your Calling
November 20, 2013 – 12:23 pm | 10 Comments
Cat calling

New research on perceiving work as a calling suggests that callings are dynamic, changing over time. This post discusses what a calling is, how it develops, and why we shouldn’t worry too much about finding it.

How does mindfulness improve self-control?
August 19, 2013 – 4:14 pm | 12 Comments

In a 2012 Swiss study, researchers Friese, Messner, and Shaffner tested whether a brief period of meditation would lessen the depletion effects of self-control. Their experimental group showed less ego depletion than the control group. Why? How might mindfulness affect self-regulation?

Pursuing Purpose: A Cause or Result of Feeling Connected?
April 15, 2013 – 6:22 am | 2 Comments

I frequently write songs as gifts for others. The best example is a lullaby I wrote for my baby niece. It makes me feel more connected and that I matter. This construct of mattering seems very similar to the feeling that we are a part of something greater than ourselves. Taken together, the research described here suggests that a sense of meaning might be embedded in the basic need of relatedness, which both contributes to and results from prosocial behaviors.

Intrinsic Motivation or Purpose Pursuit: Which matters most?
March 7, 2013 – 9:02 am | 4 Comments

With intrinsic motivation, people behave freely of their own will out of interest in the activity for its own sake. Purpose in life is about having a sense of directedness toward goals. How do intrinsic motivation and purpose relate to each other and to well-being in general?

The Heart is a Guide
February 11, 2013 – 2:01 pm | 8 Comments

Valentine’s Day is upon us, the time of chocolate and red hearts. This association of love and hearts got me wondering. What do we know about the heart and positive emotion?

Posture: Power over Performance Anxiety
December 10, 2012 – 10:27 am | 10 Comments

Researchers Amy Cuddy, Dana Carney, Caroline Wilmuth, and Andy Yap have found that just one minutes of taking a power pose can lower lessen fear, increase the capacity for cognitive function, lower stress, and increase feelings of power and the tolerance for risk-taking. This is just right for someone who needs to take the stage.

Time is of the Awesence
November 12, 2012 – 11:15 am | One Comment

Two weeks ago, I gained first-hand experience of Hurricane Sandy, the largest hurricane to hit New York City in a long time. In the midst of subways being shut down and businesses being closed for days on end, there was no rush to get things done. No rush to be anywhere. I simply felt like I had time. That brought to mind the research by Melanie Rudd, Jennifer Aaker, and Kathleen Vohs concerning the question, “When do people feel as if they are rich in time?”

How to Improve Vacations? 5 New Research Findings
October 12, 2012 – 2:14 pm | 11 Comments
How to Improve Vacations? 5 New Research Findings

It’s fall in New York City. A mostly beautiful summer has blown past, and, with it, vacation season. This means that most of us are back to our pre-vacation stress levels. Research shows that …

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