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Emiliya is President and Founder of Flourish, an organization dedicated to utilizing research based tools to enable individuals and organizations to flourish. Emiliya fuses's the best of Eastern philosophy with Western science to provide people with holistic tools to increasing their happiness, well-being and sense of flourishing. She draws on research from positive psychology, neuroscience, sports psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, kinesiology, body mechanics, nutrition, yoga, complimentary alternative medicine, spirituality and energy sciences. Emiliya holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania where she studied with the founder of the field, Dr. Martin Seligman.

Strategies for Building a Career Based on Positive Psychology (Includes Sponsored Link)
March 10, 2016 – 11:20 am | One Comment

The 5i Change (∆) Agent Model characterizes recurring themes in the ways that people use positive psychology in their livelihoods. While they may be teachers or coaches or therapists or doctors or dancers, what they actually do with positive psychology can be described by 5 verbs. Knowing which of these verbs characterize your own approach helps you take steps to augment your impact on the world.

The Psychology of Spas and Wellbeing (Book Review)
July 25, 2012 – 3:15 pm | 24 Comments

The Psychology of Spas and Wellbeing by Jeremy McCarthy offers a clearly stated, scientific investigation of the mind-body connection and the psychology of relaxation, beauty, touch, and holistic wellness.

Oxytocin: Go Out and Touch Someone
March 23, 2012 – 10:50 am | 12 Comments

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that acts as a hormone. Oxytocin is released in the body when we feel safe and connected and tells the brain, “Everything is all right.” Humans have evolved as hyper-social creatures. Oxytocin helps us navigate our world of complex social relationships by rewarding positive social behavior with feelings of contentment and relaxation.

Healing Eating Disorders with Savoring
August 21, 2009 – 7:09 pm | No Comment
Healing Eating Disorders with Savoring

My Dieting Becomes an Eating Disorder
I put myself on my first diet when I was 12 years old. I was never terribly overweight, just a little chubby. But I was far from the unrealistic ideals …

Stop Being So Serious… No, I’m Serious!
June 22, 2009 – 8:14 am | 7 Comments
Stop Being So Serious… No, I’m Serious!

Something happens to many people when they hit adulthood. Life becomes serious. It loses that lightness and freedom it had during childhood. It is a choice (conscious or unconscious) that adults make based on how they interpret what happens to them and the actions they take.

Laughter is a powerful way to bring that lightness of being back into one’s life.

Loving Kindness Meditation instead of the Hedonic Treadmill
April 21, 2009 – 12:14 pm | 8 Comments
Loving Kindness Meditation instead of the Hedonic Treadmill

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson and Sharon Salzberg share the stage at the Rubin Museum in New York City talking about meditation practices as part of the Brainwave Series exploring the intersection of mind and matter. One of the most powerful practices is the loving kindness meditation that involves cultivating and sending out a sense of love and well-being to all sentient beings.

Got Grit? Start with Mindset
February 21, 2009 – 2:30 pm | 5 Comments
Got Grit? Start with Mindset

In an age of e-mail, on-line shopping and text-messaging it is easy to get sucked into wanting things to happen quickly, and if they don’t, it’s easy to give up. Grit is defined as perseverance and passion toward long-term goals. Gritty people tend to persevere, self-regulate and push themselves toward success.

Top Valentine’s Day Date Ideas from Positive Psychology
February 13, 2009 – 10:00 am | 6 Comments
Top Valentine’s Day Date Ideas from Positive Psychology

Want ideas for what to do with your sweetie on Valentine’s Day?

“Loving, selective, enduring attachment… scientists find such love difficult to talk about,” says Dr. George Vaillant, renown psychiatrist and author. Love as noun is hard to measure. Love as a verb or an action is more tangible. Here are some actions you can take tomorrow, based on positive psychology. You can share these with your partner, friend, or family member: the strengths date, savoring, partner yoga, gratitude, and a strengths gift. […]

Read this book! Review of “Creating Your Best Life”
December 10, 2008 – 9:00 am | 13 Comments
Read this book! Review of “Creating Your Best Life”

What separates people who achieve lofty goals from people who procrastinate with even simple things? Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide is the best and most comprehensive resource I have come across on this topic.

The Biology of Happiness
October 28, 2008 – 11:00 am | 2 Comments
The Biology of Happiness

How does happiness work in the body?
Ever fantasize about duplicating yourself? Like when you want to go to your kid’s little league game and be at an important business meeting at the same time? Imagine …

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