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Happiness from Within and Without
By Jeremy McCarthy  
January 19, 2016 – 11:28 am | 2 Comments

These researchers ask, “Whose responsibility is happiness?” It does not rest solely on the individual, and it does not emerge solely from the conditions of society. The researchers suggest co-responsibility as the answer: “The idea that happiness emerges as a collective and cooperative endeavor that requires both favorable life conditions and individual effort.”

PERMA-V: Training with Rigor & Vigor
By Elaine O'Brien  
November 19, 2014 – 8:19 pm | 6 Comments

Like the burgeoning global MAPP programs springing up around the world, the high quality Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) experience leads people toward whole health, well-being, healing, flourishing, and love across all domains of life. CAPP is relatively accessible with more locations being established worldwide. It is helping to bring Martin Seligman’s 2051 moonshot goal to fruition.

Fringe Benefits of Appreciating Beauty and Excellence
By Sherri Fisher  
September 15, 2014 – 4:09 pm | 13 Comments

Some people might be scared by a thunderstorm while others might be awed. In those moments, the person with the strength of Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence is able to transcend ego and instead be moved to an awareness of the vastness and amazement that the world has to offer. Time slows down. In such moments a person may feel drawn to future opportunities for using this strength.

Other People Do Matter: ECPP2014
By Bridget Grenville-Cleave  
July 27, 2014 – 3:26 pm | No Comment

The 7th ECPP in Amsterdam from 1st-4th July was a fabulous opportunity to get up-to-date with the latest positive psychology research and practice. I was struck by how often the conference returned to the theme of connection and, in the widest-possible sense, well-being from a community perspective.

Happiness – Just Do It!
By Bridget Grenville-Cleave  
June 2, 2014 – 10:43 am | 17 Comments

Don’t sit there too long waiting for happiness to appear, or wondering whether now is the right time to do something. Why not take a different approach? Why not act now and reflect afterwards on whether it worked? If it wasn’t quite right, you can change it, and in the meantime you will have learned something about yourself. This way, you can act your way into a new way of being happy.

Certificate in Applied Pos Psych Program Launched
By Marie-Josée Shaar  
February 22, 2014 – 3:52 pm | 6 Comments

The Flourishing Center, in partnership with the New York Open Center, is granting a Certification in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) through a 6-month program that has been approved by the New York Board of Education. The program covers all the topics that make positive psychology so fascinating, including gratitude, resilience, positive emotions, mindset, flow, strengths, and self-regulation. It also covers topics that are becoming mainstream in positive psychology, such as mindfulness, altruism, spirituality, neuroscience, and physical vitality.

Man + Shed = Happiness
By Bridget Grenville-Cleave  
May 3, 2013 – 8:02 am | 4 Comments

We seem to be working harder and consuming more than ever before, but for all the stuff that comes with 21st century living to make our lives easier, less labor-intensive, and more comfortable, we don’t seem to be much happier. A growing number of people feel anxious and depressed. Can living a simpler life make us happier? The answer is not what you might expect.

Fulfillment Beyond Man?
By Daniel Faggella  
March 19, 2013 – 12:23 pm | 5 Comments

With the boom of nanotechnology, brain implants, and increasingly sophisticated computing and intelligence technologies, we might be seeing a fundamental change in the “human” part of human flourishing. My purpose here is to explore how Positive Psychology might guide the efforts of emerging technologies in a transition to human life beyond biology

Social Flow
By Jeremy McCarthy  
March 5, 2013 – 11:29 am | 11 Comments
In Sync

Is it better to pursue an individual flow activity, such as taking on a new skill or hobby? Or is it better to find flow interacting with others? Dr. Charles Walker set out to answer these questions.

Year-Round Service
By Jenny Brennan  
January 23, 2013 – 11:01 am | 2 Comments

During the Martin Luther King Day of Service, thousands of people across the United States volunteered to make a difference in their communities in a variety of projects such as feeding homeless veterans, cleaning parks, and collecting clothes and toys for local children. Volunteering not only strengthens communities and those being helped, but as anyone who volunteers knows, it feels good. But a closer look at the research shows that the benefits of volunteering extend beyond a warm feeling.

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