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Same Time Next Week (Book Review)
By Laura L.C. Johnson  
June 3, 2015 – 7:00 am | No Comment

I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did, but I found myself thinking about some of the stories long after I read them. I especially enjoyed the stories by individuals who personally experienced mental health disorders. They described the essential features of their recoveries, some of which are completely unexpected. Each story, whether by a therapist or a patient, is well-written from a personal perspective and reads like a mini-novel.

Sisu: Beyond Perseverance
By Marta Velázquez  
December 15, 2014 – 8:58 pm | 3 Comments

Sisu is a 500-year old Finnish construct, which appeals to the spirit and strength that enable people to persevere through difficulties despite feeling they have reached the end of their physical or mental capacities.

Nelson Mandela: A Life and Legacy of Strengths
By Bridget Grenville-Cleave  
December 8, 2013 – 8:25 am | 8 Comments

December 5, 2013 will be remembered for news of the death of the first black president of South Africa, anti-apartheid icon and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela. I’m not normally drawn to writing about political leaders. But Mandela was different in every respect. His life was a life well-lived.

Spiritualinty: The Magic Behind the Linderella Story
By Yukun Zhao  
February 27, 2012 – 2:32 pm | 4 Comments

On the night of February 4th, at Madison Square Garden, the New York Knicks had lost 11 of the past 13 games, and was now trailing behind the visiting New Jersey Nets. Coach Mike D’Antoni knew the biggest weakness of his team was the point guard. His starting point guard was injured, and his backup couldn’t deliver. He turned to the third-string point guard, an Asian American player named Jeremy Lin.

Persistence: A Chinese Paragon
By Yukun Zhao  
June 28, 2011 – 11:25 am | 16 Comments

This is the first in a series of positive psychology stories from the Chinese culture. Each story will be about a paragon of one of the 24 character strengths described in Character Strengths and Virtues. Let’s start with persistence.

Determination, Resilience or Foolhardiness?
By Sulynn  
August 29, 2007 – 9:48 am | 7 Comments

Studies under the expanding umbrella of positive psychology tell us that we have Hope when our goal is supported by self-efficacy and self agency (Snyder). So goal setting is good and having the means to get there and knowing how well …